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The Rattling Kind
Rise Up

"The Rattling Kind is a different kind of band that stands out among a rake of counterparts that are painfully similar. Their social awareness combined with technically brilliant musicianship makes for an incredible EP."

Golden Plec -
"The result was an album that captures the kind of energy you’d expect from a live performance. Good musicians pour their heart and soul into their music, and this is definitely true of The Rattling Kind."

67 Music - 

"Sherlock on the other hand sounds like a man who believes in every word he’s singing, and the band as a whole are tighter than a nuns..well you know what I mean."

Chew your own fat -

"Mainstream listeners would probably mistake The Rattling Kind as REM with a banjo, mandolin and other assorted mix of Irish instruments but the five tracks off the EP Rise Up will confirm that they have an original sound and musicianship that should be taken seriously."

Cetlic Music Fan -

"Best New Song dealing with Emigration - Rise Up by The Rattling Kind"

Trad Connect -

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